Help us understand #atheists and #atheism

welcome bannerHello.  My name is Drew, and I am a United Methodist pastor in North Carolina.  I am soon beginning a sermon series designed to help my church understand, converse with, and relate better to atheists and agnostics.  If you are an atheist or an agnostic, please consider taking this very brief survey.  Also, if you could point this survey out to other atheist and agnostic friends, it would be an immense help.

Stay tuned to this page for posts, questions, and conversations about faith and non-faith in the 21st century.  Thank you in advance for all that you are going to add to this learning experience.

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Drew McIntyre

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12 thoughts on “Help us understand #atheists and #atheism”

  1. Drew,
    If you seriously mean to reach out to atheists, anti-theists, nihilists et al for the purpose of discussion and understanding, then count me in. You can read my blog to see what I think/belief/feel if you are interested. I will certainly engage in conversations about all things even if there are some that I’m not really qualified for (I’m not an astrophysicist etc.) I am open to discussion and new information.

  2. Hi Drew~
    I’m open to dialog as well. I’m not interested in “making atheists” or to disabuse anyone of their deeply held convictions. I’m also immune to any effort to conversion, as I have a theological background. I have probably heard every argument there is and remain unconvinced.

    My goals: We need to see each other as people. Work on barriers to communication and trust. Find areas of common interest, that benefit both communities as a whole.

  3. I think similar kind of questions should be asked to the religious people.
    For Example-
    If the religion is between the god and person, why the religions people need the mediator persons like priests, imams, rabbis? Or why they need to go the churches, mosques, synagogues?They have doubts in their belives?

    If the religion mean is tolerance at first, why the believers of all religions (in 80%) constantly attack to the people, who said that I am atheist. Is this not hypocrisy?
    And the other questions…

    Because, in my opinion, atheists description themselves in equilibrium and easily on the planet Earth. But, mostly, the religious people don’t have the same equilibrium.

    1. Migarium, I’m not sure I follow all your questions, but I agree the dialogue should be two way. Each religion would probably explain the need for community differently; from a Christian perspective, the Bible is from front to back the story of God working chiefly through a community, a worshipping/serving/sinning/redeeming people all together (Israel in the Old, the Church in the New Testament). Even beyond that, though, is a human need for community, and community as the realm where values are formed and meaning created. I think even some atheists, like Alain de Bottom and the guy who wrote Faitheist, have written about the need that atheists have for community.

      1. For this moment, you’ve summarized well actually Drew, with these : “worshipping/serving/sinning/redeeming..” If we approach in the more fundamental, those are the first identified determiners of the differences between the religious people and the atheists. Atheism is materialist perspective intrinsically. Materialists don’t believe in coincidences and the things which weren’t proven. So, I meant that, for example, if one religion says “the river is divided into two part by human being”, materyalist does not belive in this statement, because he/she wants to proof in scientifically. So, worshipping/serving/sinning/redeeming and the others, those are not connected to the material world on this basis.

        And, If I returned to my questions. Those show my materialist viewpoint. Where these questions came from, there are more like these questions:) If I place joking on one side; for bilateral communication, these and similar questions never find an answer by the religious people, unfortunately. Every question asked, are being perceived as an attack to the religion. Even the ones who are expressed most moderate about own beliefs would need to defense the religion, in the face of these questions. I’ve lived all that again and again.
        I appreciate what you want to do. However, this road is very long way. Example, many religious people will be questioned the aim of the thing what you tried. I can help only with my knowledge. So, I can only help with my materialist viewpoint:)

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